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DragonMan Museum Tour 2018

Dragon Man Museum Tour  On June 10, 2018 a group of Post 82 members led by Don Bowie headed south for a tour of the Dragon Man Museum. Everyone convoyed to the site. We were not very impressed as one drove the Burma Road drive into the area. Once we walked inside everyone’s eyes opened like a kid in a candy shop. You can purchase a new gun of any type or rent one to shoot on one of many ranges outside. There is also a selection of machine guns available for rent. Besides the gun ranges there is a dirt bike track and a paintball range. We, however, were here for the tour.  We were all asked to file into the machine shop where we were given a introduction by the Dragon Man himself. He explained how he acquired such a knick name. If you have Face Book I am sure you saw the video his daughter took of the group as we listened to a very interesting talk.   We were then asked to proceed to the museum. Once again as we filed through the doors oohs, awes and omgs were heard from the group. First impressions are everything and we were impressed. This was a guided tour and once it began you understand why we were not allowed to just wander around. We were told Mel, the Dragon Man, is very proud of the fact that everything he has in his collection is in working order. It does not go in the display until it works.  We were led room after room and aisle after aisle to see guns, swords, uniforms, vehicles, patches, radios, and more. Manikins dressed in donated uniforms with photos of the soldier who wore that uniform. There were documents and photos taken by those who were a part of raids, attacks and such never seen by anyone else.   After the tour a group photo was taken outside with the Dragon Man himself. We then departed for a group lunch at a location suggested by Randy Rought.